HP H3100 Headset (Black)


Use the HP H3100 Foldable Microphone Headset and ensure comfort and great sound quality when listening to your favorite songs. It delivers crystal clear and engaging audio. It has microphone, volume control and call answering button built into the cable.
The H3100 offers plenty of comfort as well, as it comes with fully-cushioned ear cushions and adjustable, padded upper rod.
  • Warranty- 1 year (12 months) 
  • Delivery Term : 2-3 days | Rs. 130 : within Colombo | Rs. 250 : out of Colombo District 

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General features
  • – Microphone, volume control and button for call answering built into the cable;
  • – Detachable 3.5mm audio cable for easy storage and connection point protection;
  • – Comfortable cushions completely cover the ear, allowing continuous and prolonged use with comfort, without disturbing;
  • – Adjustable upper and padded stem;
  • – Foldable design facilitates storage and transport;
  • – Universal connectivity: Compatible with laptops, tablets and smartphones with a 3.5 mm 4-way audio connector.
Technical information
  • Plug P2 (3.5 mm)
  • Headset Type
  • Plug type 1xP2 – 4Vias
  • Head Attachment
  • Length of Cord 1,40m
  • Black color
  • Dimensions 9.50 (L) x 18 (W) x 21 (A)
  • Weight 397 g